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Salem Hello

We’ll be back with our menus to help you get ideas for this blessed month.

As I said in the article about the first menus, I’m joining my friend this year samar from the blog my culinary inspirations and meriem of the Casbah des Délices blog to offer you special recipes for the blessed month. This will allow you to compose your menu for the occasion and surprise your tribes.

All our recipes have been tested and approved by our families, friends and also our readers. Simple, inexpensive and without fuss.

Ramadan menu

You have a wide choice of recipes from appetizer to dessert. To spoil your gourmets. We start with the .chorba which is traditionally eaten first to peruse the main course and finish with a small treat of the evening.

There is a table available to you with clickable links and all you need to do is choose and compose your menu.

I wish you the best of luck for the rest of Ramadan, as I am addressing non-fasting readers, these menus are for you too.

Ramadan menu 2020 Ramadan 2020 brick chorba sesame babouche North African bread Turkish bread

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