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Chorba With Rice | delicacy from Asia

Salem Hey

There are many chorbas here and each region has its own specific variants. There are several, depending on the main ingredient in chorba or Algerian soup in general.

Chorba is a soup made from green wheat called “el frik”, barley called “dchicha” in our country, also with bird’s tongue and vermicelli “elmkatfa”. The latter is a kind of homemade dough, artisan vermicelli.

The women of old prepared their reserves well before the coming of the month of Ramadan. they cleanand also the houses we even do some painting or other work to welcome the blessed month in good conditions.

All these manifestations and actions are also a sign of joy.

Ramadan Chorba

In our eastern Algeria, it is the frik who is in charge of the chorbas or the jeris frik. The same, it’s green wheat, cleaned, crushed and then sieved to keep it crushed for the chorba. The fine powder is reserved for use as a binding and flavoring agent in various dishes, especially minced meat.

Today rice is in the spotlight, this version is my big sister’s. Not a fan of frik, she prefers adding crushed rice to her Ramadan chorba. A treat even when done right, knowing that rice swells up a lot more than wheat.

I chose chicken breast, a choice of my kids who are not fans of lamb. You can add or substitute other meats or just a bone to taste.


Qqs chicken breast fillets cut

1 onion

Recipe for 100 g tomato garlic sauce coming soon

1 tsp tomato puree

1 stalk with celery leaves

1 half bunch coriander

2 bay leaves

1 handful of chickpeas, soaked overnight or frozen

1/3 pepper

1 tsp salt

1 tsp table and carwia (a mixture of spices and caraway)

1/3 tsp hot red pepper powder

1 dash of oil

2 tablespoons ground basmati rice or other (mix the rice but not powder)

1 liter of hot water

Preparation :

1- In a borma or frying pan, pour a dash of oil, add the finely chopped onion and brown.

2- Add the pieces of chicken breast, the salt and fry everything until brown. Then add the tomato sauce, concentrate, pepper and herbs. Add the celery, bay leaves and chopped coriander.

3- Reduce the heat and let everything come back, covered, without stopping stirring. Add the chickpeas, cover with hot water and cook over medium heat.

4- When the meat is cooked, add the crushed rice, stirring constantly as it tends to stick to the bottom.

5- When the chorba is ready, serve it hot with briks and other dishes or just with kesra or matlouh or even rakhsis, it’s even better.

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