Menu Ramadan 2022 Semaine 2
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Ramadan menu 2022 Week 2

Salem Hello

We are slowly but surely moving into this blessed me, here we are already in the 2nd week of Ramadan.

We continue in our momentum me and my two friends Samar from the blog my culinary inspirations and Meriem from the blog Casbah des Délices.

The idea is, as we mentioned earlier, to present you 3 menus chosen by us. To inspire and help you put together your own.

Personally, Ramadan is no-nonsense and strange or contrary to popular belief. This is the month when I cook less and we consume less.

Ramadan menu 2022 Week 2

Ramadan menu 2022 Week 2

Ramadan is one of the five pillars of Islam, it is to fast completely. It is a month of revelation and forgiveness and it is the practice most followed and respected by Muslims.

Ramadan is not just for fasting and eating. It is a month of religious practices, prayers including “tarawih”, it is also a month of the Quran.

It is also the month of almsgiving, sharing, forgiveness, blessing, and keeping from evil.

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